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Sign language interpreter...a profession in short supply

On 24 July 2018, the Chamber of Deputies passed the bill towards recognition of German sign language. People who are hard of hearing or deaf will have the right to use sign language and to request the assistance of an interpreter in their dealings with state administrations. The costs will be borne by the state. In addition, the family of a hearing-impaired person will be entitled to 100 hours of classes to learn sign language. These courses will be free of charge and will be provided by the Centre for the Development of Language Skills. (Centre de Logopédie)

In the field of education

This law also concerns education. The text provides for the right of every deaf or hearing-impaired pupil to use sign language and to follow basic and secondary education in sign language. Sign language interpreters translate a message from a spoken language into sign language and vice versa. Sign language interpreters translate from Luxembourgish, German or French into German sign language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache - DGS) and vice versa.

Source: Ministry of Education, childhood and youth


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