student job

Besides helping to cover your costs, a job can also give you useful work experience, allowing you to participate in Dutch society and make it easier for you to learn the language.

Students from the EU/EEA can freely work without restrictions. However you must know that as soon as you start a job or a paid internship, you are obliged to register with the Dutch basic healthcare insurance. This applies regardless of how many hours you work per week.

How to find a student job?

The easiest way to find a job is through an employment agency, or "uitzendbureau". You can also contact the student affairs office at your university.

The following websites may be helpful:


Student job and Cedies financial aid

  • If you are working less than 10 hours a week or if you get a holiday job, there will not be any changes for your social grant. All other income gained during the academic year will be considered as part of the household you belong to and they can have an influence on the amount of your social grant.
  • If you earn more than the social minimum income for non-qualified workers (1.998,59.-€), you can only obtain a financial state aid as a loan.     
  • If you earn more than 3,5 times the minimum social income for non-qualified workers (6.995,06.-€ ), you cannot get any financial state aid.

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