Registration at higher education institutions

Some basic principles

  • There is no centralized admission and admission deadlines vary from one programme to another! This means that you must check with each institution and for each programme!
  • Most of the programmes are bi- or trilingual: Courses are given either in French, German or English. Knowledge of at least 2 of these 3 languages of instruction is required.  You will have to provide a language certificate unless you have completed your secondary education in a public secondary school in Luxembourg.
  • Some programmes have limited capacity. Places are awarded following a selection procedure specified on the institution's website.
  • Registration fees do not exceed 400 euros per semester (exceptions exist) unless you opt for private tuition.


  1. Choose your study programme using our search engine.
  2. Check the admission conditions and deadlines for submitting your application form on the institution's website.
  3. Make your request online.
  4. If you are accepted, proceed with the final registration within the deadline.
  5. Apply for a visa and residence permit if you are a non-European student.
  6. Find out about student life, student housing in Luxembourg, social security, budget, financial aid, etc.


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