Lifelong learning

Resuming your studies

Are you studying and working at the same time? Distance learning, part-time study, evening or weekend study: you have a variety of choices. Depending on your project, find the right formula. Luxembourg's higher education system does not offer distance learning. However, there are many programmes offered by foreign universities in which you may enrol from Luxembourg. Take a look at the Part-time studies / Etudes à temps partiel / Fern-oder Teilzeitstudien information for the country in which you are interested.

Value of diplomas and financial aid

Part-time courses accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research have equal value to those completed on a full-time basis and entitle you to State financial aid for higher education.

Programmes and enrolment

Use our search engine to find a part-time programme that is right for you. The enrolment periods and procedures differ from one programme to another.

Individual training leave

Training leave is a special, 80-day leave allowance intended to give employees, self-employed people and persons exercising a liberal profession the opportunity to participate in courses, traineeships and examinations.




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