Learn Luxembourgish

Why learn Luxembourgish?

Luxembourgish is the native language of the majority of Luxembourg's inhabitants. It is also the common language used in daily life. Although French, German and English are widespread, it is useful to know some basics of Luxembourgish in order to connect more easily with country nationals.

The University of Luxembourg has identified Luxembourg studies as one of its research priorities. It holds a professorial chair in linguistics and Luxembourgish literature and offers a Master's degree in Languages, Cultures and Media - Lëtzebuerger Studien.

Finding a language course

You have a large choice of online courses, classroom-based courses and audio methods.

A lot of Luxembourgish language courses are offered by the National Institute for Languages and various municipalities in Luxembourg.

At your own pace: e-learning 

Learn Luxembourgish with an online course through the QuattroPole city network and the University of Luxembourg. Each lesson has a central topic based on daily situations.




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