Practical information

Apply online

The online application process is accessible to all! You can now apply online with or without a LuxTrust product (Smartcard, Token, Signing-Stick) or electronic identity card (eID).

Using the new mobile application allows you to quickly and easily upload required documents to your current procedures directly via your smartphone or tablet.

Download mobile app here


Procedure without authentication (apply here)

Use this procedure if you are not in possession of a LuxTrust or eID product.


Procedure with LuxTrust product or eID (apply here)

The procedure with authentication has many advantages that are not available when using the non-authentication procedure:

The procedure can be temporarily saved.

You have access to your private MyGuichet space allowing you to:

  • automatically fill out your application using the stored data already present in your private MyGuichet space
  • follow your application status online and view any emails sent by the administration directly on your personal dashboard
  • consult your past financial aid applications history

How to obtain a LuxTrust product?


Your online procedure follow-up with or without authentication

  • you can submit your application without having all the required documents beforehand (which you can attach later).
  • check your inbox after submitting your application! You will receive an automatic message from MyGuichet once the application has been successfully submitted and after any change of status to your application (e.g.: application submitted, to be completed, grant in payment process, etc.)  If you do not receive an email after submitting your application, please check your spam folder or get in touch with the Financial Aid Department.


Request a paper form

If you are unable to complete the online procedure, you can contact the Financial Aid Department to obtain a paper form.

It is recommended that you send the form by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt as the Financial Aid Department does not send any acknowledgment of receipt.


Components of the financial aid


Supporting documents

Have a look at the supporting documents required for your application


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