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All degrees (Bachelor, Master, PhD) awarded by an institution of higher education listed on Studyinsweden are eligible for a financial aid from Cedies.

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Swedish universities and university colleges offer degree programmes according to the “Bologna” standards.

  • Bachelor  (180 ECTS)
  • Master (60 to 120 ECTS)
  • PhD (240 ECTS) 

Undergraduate programmes

Nearly 100 international bachelors are taught in English. If you speak Swedish, you can also apply for a bachelor’s programme taught in Swedish and known as “kandidatprogram” or “utbildning pa grundniva”.

Graduate programmes

There are over 900 masters  currently offered in English: advanced coursework followed by a research-based master’s thesis.


Research-based programmes= 240 ECTS

Leading research areas:

  • Environmental technology
  • Nanotechnology research

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