All degrees (HND, Bachelor, Master, PhD) awarded by a public institution of higher education are academically recognized by the Ministry of higher education in Luxembourg.

However, there is no guarantee that all degrees lead to recognized professions in Luxembourg. Please check with Cedies before enrolling by sending a mail to

In Britain the following degrees are awarded:

Undergraduate degrees

  • HND-Higher National Diploma: this degree is awarded by colleges or other institutions of higher education after 2 years of higher vocational studies
  • Bachelor degree (or first degrees): 3-4 years of studies:  Bachelor of Arts-BA, Bachelor of Science- BSc, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Engineering…

Postgraduate degrees

  • Master degree: 1-2 years of studies (after a Bachelor’s degree): Master of Arts-MA, Master of Science-MSc.
  • Doctorate (PhD): conferred after at least 3 years of studies/research after a Master’s degree

Some specific information about British degrees

  • Single-honours degree = single-subject courses
  • Combined degree = course comprising 2 or more subjects
  • Foundation degree = employment rated higher education qualification
  • Foundation course (1 year) = bridge the gap between qualifications you have and those required to enter an undergraduate course (e.g. in fine arts). These courses are not eligible for financial aid by CEDIES.

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