Tuition fees

Undergraduate courses

  • Universities and colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: up to 9.000.-£ per year (undergraduate courses)
  • Universities and colleges in Scotland: No tuition fees if you are an EU-Student from outside the UK.

The SAAS-Scottish Awards Agency for Scotland usually pays the full amount (1.820.-£) on your behalf. You must still submit an application form to SAAS to have your fees paid.

Postgraduate studies

Tuition fees vary between 6.000.-£ and 12.000.-£ depending on the institution and the study programme. MBA-programmes (Master of Business Administration) may cost up to 35.000.-£

Extra funding: bursaries and scholarships

Bursaries or awards are usually given to students based on personal circumstances, such as income. Scholarships are usually competitive and based on merit; these need to be applied for.

Check on the website of your university  under "Fees and funding" or contact the

Student Finance Services European Team,
PO Box 89,

(+44) (0)141 243 3570.

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