Student housing

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University halls of residence

Most universities provide places for first-year students in their halls of residence.

You may be offered accommodation in a hall of residence where you will have your own bedroom but share facilities such as the kitchen with other students.

If your course lasts for more than a year, you may be able to stay in halls for the subsequent years too. If not, you will have to find private accommodation.

Your college or university may be able to help you arrange this, or offer managed properties (private accommodation managed by the college or university).

Check the websites of those institutions for further information. Complete the accommodation form of the universities and return it by the date stated.

Private sector accommodation

Many students live in private, rented accommodation. This is especially popular for students in the second year of their studies and onwards. You can rent a place on your own, or share with other students. Sharing is common for students in the UK – it can help to reduce your costs and can be fun and sociable.

You might live in a two-, three- or four-bedroom house, for example, where you will have your own bedroom but share the bathroom, kitchen and living areas with other students.

You can find additional information about private hostels, lodgings, bed-sits or shared flats/houses on the British Council website.


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