Study in Luxembourg

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Why choose Luxembourg?

For the quality of its education 

The University of Luxembourg was ranked 17th out of 351 universities under 50 years of age by the  Times Higher Education (THE)  in 2019 for

  1. its international, multilingual and multicultural environment
  2. fast-developing research in specific fields: biomedicine, finance, information and communication technologies, multilingualism, etc.
  3. training courses connected to the professional world, with a wide-ranging offer of  traineeships
  4. its personalised approach, with mentoring for all first-year students

For its location in the heart of Europe 

Located only a few hours from the major capitals, Luxembourg City is one of Europe's most important financial centres. Luxembourg City is home to several European Union institutions, including the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Auditors.

For its quality of life

Luxembourg is a lovely place to live! A small country full of contrasts, stunning nature, an impressive cultural scene... In short, it is a country worth exploring. We enjoy a high standard of living, given that Luxembourg is the richest country in the European Union. Make sure to carefully plan your budget in advance.

For its diversified economy

Although the financial sector is its main driver, the Luxembourg economy is planning for the future by diversifying into innovative industries, for example in the fiels of information and communication technologies (ICT), health sciences and technologies and environmental technologies, logistics, the space sector, etc.

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